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Welcome to Indus Early Learning Center Koramangala, which started in january 2015, at Koramangala, Bangalore by the Indus Trust. The school caters to pre-primary education for children from the Age 1.5 Years to 6 Years

The IELC Curriculum Is Organised Into Five Areas Of Learning

Language Development
Science and Social Studies
Personal, Social and Physical Education
Creative Arts

Holistic Environment

CEO’s Message – May 2024

Unlocking the hidden potential of leaders of tomorrow begins with innovation, being human and being moral. Our innovation curriculum and community outreach programmes are pathways in unlocking potential, fostering creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and compassion in our students.

Through hands-on experiences and creative challenges from early years to senior school, we are shaping resilient and innovative leaders of tomorrow. In this endeavour the parents of our school have been inspiring, and of great support in the transformative impact of the Innovation Curriculum.


Parents Say About Us

IELC Koramangala excels in all aspects of an ideal preschool. The teachers practice the latest and international methods of teaching wherein the learning abilities and individual needs of each child are respected and given due importance. The school management and its policies are both children and parent friendly. The Head of Centre, Ms. Sonali Malhotra, has always valued the opinions of parents and addressed their concerns. Also, the school provides frequent opportunities for parent-teacher interactions through which parents gain insight into the learning process and progress of their children. IELC Koramangala is an excellent preschool.

Manjunath B. N.

After a lot of research and discussions, I zeroed in on Indus International School Bangalore. Thus my 4 yr old, Mia joined their Koramangala branch. From that tensed first day of school to date, my only problem with Indus is that my daughter now prefers school to home. With Mia it’s mainly because the school keeps her on her toes with a good balance of fun activities like dance , sports, music etc., along with education. The curriculum is well planned and executed even better. 3 Months into Indus, she can speak Spanish, play a keyboard and chess. Her teacher Miss Meera is almost like her second mother, she’s well qualified and someone you can absolutely trust. The Head of Centre is very grounded and approachable, always striving to make an already excellent school BETTER.

Nithya Marattukalam

My interaction with Indus Early Learning Centre Koramangala is almost a year old, through my healthy baking community and it's been absolutely wonderful. It has been amazing to see how they give the little children a range of life experiences and skills through creative methods. Their staff has been very involved and supportive each time we have visited the centre. Sonali is a warm and collaborative leader, and her engaging way with the staff, parents and partners like me have always made it an enriching experience to go back to.

Ms. Simran Oberoi Multani

“The best school we could have asked for our daughter who was just 2.4 years when we enrolled her for Nursery at IELC. The last two years have been nothing short of amazing for us. As working parents, we really appreciate the focus on providing healthy lunch and snacks to kids even more.  Our child has grown from a shy and reclusive child to a much more confident and outspoken kid and for that we really commend the teachers and management at Indus. The teaching, activities, focus on circle time, play time, etc. leads to overall development of students.
My husband and I are so grateful to Indus for doing what they do!”

Ms.Neha & Mr.Ashish

“A huge shout out to the teachers and management of Indus Koramangala!! Our daughter has been a part of Indus for only a few weeks now, and already it is hard to keep her away from school. It is hugely challenging to teach children of such a tender age, but your collective passion, commitment and dedication makes it all seem effortless. Kudos on infusing an element of fun in learning and providing a safe haven for our children. Keep it up! “

Ms. Amrita

“I have had the pleasure of sending my children to IELC, Koramangala school. The school has fantastic teachers who have a true passion for teaching such young children.

The school has an affectionate and nurturing environment in which I have witnessed my kid thrive. The school has been a major factor in helping my child to grow and develop through many activities, classes and social-emotional programs, which are a part of their curriculum.

My child has been able to develop her communication skills and the ability to think critically, and she also has developed her social skills. I wish the school all the very best!! Keep it up!!

A big Shout to all the Teachers, Support staff & Ms.Sonali.”

Ms. Sanskriti

The effectiveness of the learning experience at Indus is quite evident in my child's growing confidence, positive outlook and outspokenness. Apart from the improvement in her language skills, her lack of stage fear and ability to think independently is something I rejoice in as a parent.

As young parents, parenthood itself seems daunting at times, but the regular updates along with the inclusive and timely decision-making of the staff have greatly aided us in being more involved and aware of our child's progress. All queries and issues are addressed individually and thoroughly. Moreover, separate programs are conducted for children and parents on various issues like social-emotional learning, life skills, parenting etc that are of paramount importance in this day and age.

I'm truly glad to be a part of this community .

Ms. Lohita

“We have been with IELC Koramangala since 2016. Initially when we were looking out for schools we narrowed down on IELC Koramangala based on the knowledgeable teachers and the hygiene. Out of the 9 preschools we visited IELC Koramangala definitely had a different charm about it. Their approach till date is different as they attend to each child’s individual needs, they let the kids do the thinking.

We were concerned about the online classes, but IELC Koramangala did more than what we expected. The curriculum was completed even when kids were online. Everything was handled so smoothly; it was so very well catered that we did not feel the hassle of shifting the learning medium.

The teachers are exceptional, they listen to each child’s thoughts, they recognise what change can be done to make them better, my kids still feel so connected to the school and the teachers. Basics are very important that’s the reason why IELC Koramangala is the best choice as I feel my kids are ready to face any different task given to them.
Our special thanks to Ms.Meera, Vipusha will be moving to the main school, she’s already upset she will not be able to see Ms.Meera every day. Thank you to the entire faculty including the help staff for guiding our kids for all these years.

Mr. Vishnu & Ms.Padmini

“The Prep 2 teacher Ms. Meera is a gift for each child. She sets up her students for success for their next steps and beyond. Her methods and creativity engage each child at their own independent levels and truly make them flourish. She pours herself into every activity that she creates for her students. It is incredible that the genuine belief she has in each student motivates them to take on new challenges and conquer any obstacle. Ms. Meera transcends the definition of a teacher as she creates incredible little humans. She sees them, listens to them, making them feel their worth. Rishik has loved coming to your class and mimics all you teach him. He had an amazing year, truly filled with laughter, smiles, hugs, songs, fun, exciting learning, and much love.

Thank you for a truly wonderful year, Ms Meera, Ms Piyali and the entire IELCK administration team.”

Ms. Chandni & Mr. Bhuvan

"My daughter has been in IELC- Koramangala for the past 3 years now and she has enjoyed every moment of it. For her, the school has been synonymous with fun, friendship, and interesting activities.

During the lockdown when many schools struggled to keep going, the teachers here managed to transition seamlessly to an online mode. They were able to keep these little children engaged even through a screen, ensuring the learning continues. The effort the teachers have put in to bring different learning activities into the virtual classrooms keeping in mind the needs of each child was commendable. These activities enabled the children to participate actively in the learning process, establish connections between concepts, and taught them to apply these concepts appropriately.

When I told my daughter that I was writing this testimonial and asked her what she wanted me to say about her school, she said that in school they were always learning- they were experimenting, figuring things out by trial and error, and discussing important things like taking care of the environment. The point to note here is that the school has taught her the true meaning of learning. She has realized learning does not merely involve reading, writing, and numbers and is able to appreciate the learning process. All credit is due here to the curriculum of inquiry, leadership, and wholesome education that is followed in Indus which enables them to not only reflect on what they are learning but also on how they are learning."

Ms. Biji Jose

“As Prep 2 is wrapping up for our son, I wanted to share with you our experience at the Indus early learning centre, Koramangala. Our first interaction with Ms .Sonali , the head of centre, convinced us that our child was in the right hands , she is a warm , passionate and understanding person.

Our child started in Nursery , and the teachers have been such a positive influence . They are highly educated, thoughtful, and nurturing. They provide rigorous academic challenges, as well as the tools and strategies needed to meet those challenges. Right from Ms Archana to Ms Meera in prep-2 , were nothing but excellent . We are so happy with the way our son has grown into an independent, self conscious and considerate little human .

The teachers give individual attention and support to a child who needs that special attention , sometimes even after school hours .

The school provides a perfect balance between academics , personal development and physical well-being.

Overall, we are so happy with the school that we’ve joined our little daughters to the Indus Koramangala family, for their pre-schooling .”

Ms. Shravya

“IELC Koramangala has built a strong foundation of early years education for our son, Aditya. The past year being a virtual classroom, the weekly schedules were well balanced with academic sessions as well as activities like book reading, music, art, dance, yoga, etc.

Simple and unique methods are used by teachers to build conceptual foundations of language & math. The school has had timely and engaging parent-teacher connects which has made a meaningful difference to us, especially during this pandemic.
Aditya is so blessed to have had Ms. Meera as his grade teacher. She has been extremely supportive and patient in creating an active and happy learning environment for all the kids. We also admire how fair and attentive she has been to each child in the class throughout the year. Aditya loves school, all thanks to Ms. Meera”

Ms.Ashwini & Mr. Manav



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