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Welcome to Indus Early Learning Center Koramangala, which started in january 2015, at Koramangala, Bangalore by the Indus Trust. The school caters to pre-primary education for children from the Age 1.5 Years to 6 Years

The IELC Curriculum Is Organised Into Five Areas Of Learning

Language Developement
Science and Social Studies
Personal, Social and Physical Education
Creative Arts

Holistic Environment

CEO’s Message – September 2023

The World Order is changing and the future is unknown. Volatility, uncertainty and complexity are on the rise, and knowledge obsolescence is rising alarmingly. Artificial Intelligence and climate change are already imparting the future of jobs and our planet. In such a scenario, it is not possible to make any prediction; preparations are the answer.

Teachers, must therefore, re-role themselves to teach the child and not the subject alone. You must therefore, develop a creative mindset to remain relevant. Schools must give higher priority to self-growth over professional development.


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